Tracking and Fleet Management

As a fleet manager, it is crucial to your business to not only track your vehicles, but to have access to immediate, secure information about your fleet at all times. You need to monitor the locations and statuses of their vehicles and drivers, without incurring the complexity of a full fleet management system.
Our solutions present an effective offering which suits fleets of varying sizes and types – from trucks to light commercial vehicles, to motorcycles.

BUYERS LOGISTICS LTD will offer you tailor made solution in the following areas,

  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet management
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking


You own or operate one or a fleet of Vehicles, Agricultural or heavy equipment’s? Misuse, idle time, unreasonable fuel consumption, fuel theft and fraud are unacceptable.

BUYERS LOGISTICS LTD offers an inexpensive fuel management & monitoring solution for customers who wish to have complete fuel accountability by accurately keeping track of fuel refilling, fuel consumption and protection against Fuel theft /fraud.

Our solution is the most comprehensive tamperproof fuel monitoring solution on the market combining high precision fuel measuring technology  with GPS tracking devices to send live fuel monitoring data to our server So that You can do real time  fleet tracking  and  fuel monitoring

Accuracy in fuel level reading and reporting is our KPI and figures don’t lie. Accuracy in mileage (Distance in KM) and engine hours is also critical for fuel consumption monitoring and reporting.  We let customers carry out accuracy tests and compare results themselves.

Features of Our Fuel Monitoring System

  • Get an email alert when vehicle refuels
  • Get an email alert when a drainage takes place
  • Check online for monitoring fuel level in tank
  • Get alerted when the fuel in tank goes below the reserve level
  • Check fuel consumption online by trip
  • Check fuel consumption online by kilometers / driving distance
  • Check fuel consumption online by hours / driving time
  • View actual current fuel level in tank
  • View total daily idling time
  • View all instances of daily over-speeding

2. GENERAL FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION (Vehicle Recovery, Satellite & Electronic cargo Tracking)

OUR solutions integrates vehicle tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Engine Working  hours monitoring functions in one System to provide you with a range of features and  functions.  From basic, realtime monitoring to highly complex fleet management systems, we are able to meet your needs on every level offering the following features and capabilities:

  • Live tracking and monitoring 
  • Historic playback of any past movement or activity 
  • Over 30 reports to detail each aspect of vehicle activity 
  • Real-time warnings to highlight any significant or unauthorized activity 
  • Driver and vehicle schedules Monitoring 
  • Fuel monitoring and analysis

This System Delivers best value for your Money at an Affordable unique solution that you will not get anywhere else in East Africa. This is a Comprehensive Fleet management system that consists of the following modules:

  • GPS  Real-time Fleet TRACKING: For Location, route, history  and events management
  • Fuel Monitoring: protects fuel from theft and fraud plus  Fuel Level and consumption monitoring
  • Engine working Hours logging
  • Real-time  Journey/ Trip Mileage logging
  • Heavy Equipment Tracking

Whether you own and operate one or a fleet of:

  • Cars|Vans|Buses|Trucks|Agricultural Equipments|
  • Construction equipments|earth moving equipment’s

Our system is the ideal choice for you. You can quickly and easily generate  Daily |Weekly|   monthly or periodic reports on:

  • Fuel Usage and consumption
  • Journey/Trip Mileage in KM
  • Engine working hours

The system also offers add-on features such as:

–          Panic button

–          Driver identification

–          Temperature monitoring

–          CAN-bus integration (for advanced vehicle diagnostics)

–          Customized reporting and alerting


Our attention has been drawn to the fact that some fraudsters are scamming unsuspecting members of public using the name our company by offering them online Jobs.

Please note that any available openings in our company are only advertised on our website and social media pages.

Any affected members of public should report to law enforcement agencies for appropriate action to be taken against the fraudsters.

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